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15 May 2014
5 Things To Consider With An Office Cleaning Company
5 Things To Consider With An Office Cleaning CompanyHaving the right cleaning company is essential to any office, as they will ensure that you are presented in a clean and efficient manner to both your clients and your staff. Clean and tidy offices are a better place to work, as such order encourages focus and better working patterns over a longer period. If you are able to, finding the best cleaning team will mean that you are never concerned about how the office looks, and can relax in to doing things that are more valuable for your time. However, many people do not know exactly what they want from their cleaning team, so have a look over the following categories to work out exactly what you need. 1.    PriceThe price of your cleaners will have a large bearing on who you go with. Larger companies can charge more because they are known names, however smaller companies are less well tested, so you take a gamble either way. It is usually best to go for a lower price and keep a watchful eye over the performance and activity of the company, than to pay more and feel like you can just let them get on with it. With the former option you will be making savings whilst potentially tailoring the service to your needs through checks and appraisals. A pound or two difference per cleaning hour will make a massive difference over the course of the year, even if it does seem like a small amount at first, so shop round for a good price, and haggle with the companies based on the amount of hours that you can offer, a consistent and long term job will be very attractive for them, so be sure to get the price you want!2.    Regularity.How often do you need the place cleaned? This will have a bearing over how much you can spend and offer, so have a decent think about it. Sometimes it is best to have a rolling contract going with the cleaners, so that you can raise or lower the number of hours that you have them do, depending on how much you feel you need after the first few weeks. Larger offices will get their place cleaned every evening, whilst others will be twice a week, it depends on what you need and what you can afford.3.    Staff How many staff do you need? If your place is a small one with only a couple of people working there, then you may be able to get a good deal with an independent cleaner. However, if the office is big, then you might need to have a few more cleaners working at one time, in which case you will need a decent sized cleaning agency. If you need the place cleaned by a few people every night, then the fact of the matter is that you will be needing an agency that can supply temps for when regular cleaners are ill or can’t make it.4.    ReliabilityFinding a company who are always on time, consistent with their work and extremely trustworthy is what you want, as this reduces the effort that you need to put in to keeping things in check. Check their progress in the beginning and have the building security keep an eye on the team every now and again, to ensure that you have the best crew working on keeping your office clean. If they show signs of slacking off or taking things, then you need to get rid of them straight away, no other way about it.

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