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22 March 2014
How To Clean Your Sofa!
How To Clean Your Sofa!Your sofa is probably one of the most well-loved and appreciated pieces of furniture. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just relaxing after a long day at work, there’s nothing better than having a clean and comfy sofa on which to unwind! Unfortunately, your sofa might not be as clean as you might like! Crumbs, dirt, stains and bacteria can be found on and in most sofas around the country, making them quite unsanitary centrepieces of the home! If you want to keep your sofa as clean as possible, and if you aren’t sure about how to go about cleaning yours then have a look at this list of tips to get you off to the right start! 1)    Start by removing the sofa cushions and thoroughly vacuum the frame of your sofa. Try using the thinnest nozzle attachment that you own so that you can get into those nooks and crannies which are likely to conceal dirt and crumbs. If you have stains here then use warm water and washing up liquid to buff them away. Make sure that the sofa is thoroughly dry before replacing the cushions. 2)    Once this is done it’s time to vacuum the cushions. Remove the cushion covers if possible and vacuum both the cushions themselves and the covers. This will help to remove any dirt and can even combat bugs that can live in soft furnishings. 3)    If you have a steam cleaner then this is the time to use it. Before using your steam cleaner make sure that it isn’t going to damage the fabric of your sofa. Suede sofas should not be cleaned with a steam cleaner and doing so can cause lots of problems. If your sofa can be cleaned with a steam cleaner then make sure to steam every part of it as thoroughly as possible. 4)    Check to see if your sofa cushion covers can be washed in the washing machine. If they can then this is definitely worth the time, as this will lift to lift stains, restore colour and keep your sofa looking as good as new for much longer! 5)    Do you have stains on your sofa that just won’t budge? Try using a stain removing product designed specifically to get rid of the stains on your sofa. Follow the instructions carefully, and make sure that you test the product on an inconspicuous area of the sofa beforehand so that you know it isn’t going to cause any damages! 6)    Suede and leather sofas need special care to keep them in good condition. You can purchase cleaning products designed for these sorts of sofas, or you can use different cleaning methods to get the best results. If you have a suede sofa then you should definitely invest in a suede protector. This will help to guard against stains, working to stop them setting as easily. You might also want to buy a suede shoe brush, which will help to keep your suede sofa looking better for longer. Leather sofas will benefit from cleaners which are meant to keep the leather feeling both supple and soft, and regular cleaning products might cause fading and can even cause the leather to crack. Make sure you thoroughly research the best ways and the best products to clean your leather or suede sofa so that you can avoid damaging it.

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