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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       Immaculate service! Lawn cutting and edging are done perfectly. Booked them for the year. I highly recommend!    
Verity Hartville 11/06/2024

       Happy with the efficient and hardworking cleaner; her work is always of high quality. Thank you.    
Tina H.31/05/2024

       We trust Maida Vale Cleaning Company with all of our domestic cleaning needs and they always exceed our expectations.    
C. Lacy17/05/2024

       Working with this efficient cleaning service is a no-brainer. The cleaner that serviced my home was knowledgeable, industrious, considerate and versatile.    
Gertrude Steiner16/04/2024

       The level of attention and effort put into cleaning my messy bathroom was truly impressive. I couldn't be happier with how it looks now, all thanks to the hardworking team.    
Marian Scott30/03/2024

       Thanks to their dedicated team of cleaners, I never have to worry about the cleanliness or tidiness of my space when working with Maida Vale Cleaners.    
Victor Foams20/03/2024

       Thanks to Maida Vale Cleaning Company, we now have a beautifully clean living room that we can be proud of - we can't thank them enough!    
Kendal M.01/03/2024

       Our cleaner's fair and competitive quote for their services made them stand out from others in the industry.    
Leona T.19/02/2024

       Thank you, Maida Vale Cleaning Service, for making my end-of-tenancy carpet clean experience stress-free and convenient. You are the best!    
Hayden Reid09/02/2024

       The value and efficiency displayed by Maida Vale Cleaning Company truly sets them apart from others in the industry.    
B. Hayes30/01/2024

       Brilliant cleaning service, with a team of lovely and helpful employees who made the whole experience enjoyable. Would highly recommend!    
S. Bullock20/01/2024

       Everyone else wasn't willing to offer support when requested to clean my toilet bowl, but these guys quickly took on the task - leaving me delighted by their performance!     

       CleanersMaidaVale were a godsend. I doubt they knew what great help they'd been. I'd never seen such an amazing cleaning service.    

       I don't know what I would do without the cleaning services of CleanersMaidaVale. With so many people living in my house, cleaning services are almost a must, and this company has been a lifesaver with their prices and their expertise.    
L. Yates28/06/2017

       What fun, professional and efficient cleaners! My home needed attention with dust collecting over a period of time due to neglect. The deep clean provided by Maida Vale Cleaning Company has made a tremendous difference to my apartment. I now walk into a fresh, clean and pleasant home. These guys are brilliant; they know their job well and are quite dedicated too. Highly recommended.    
Arnold J.23/06/2016

       It's nice to see that some companies still take pride in their work. I've had my sofas for a long time. I would have changed them in sooner, but I've learned that hiring CleanersMaidaVale for a spot of upholstery cleaning means I don't need to even consider this as a possibility. My home's fresh and smells great. Upholstery has never been better. Definitely saved me a lot of money with their great prices. Amazing results, too.    
Jack M.05/11/2015

       I was impressed with the carpet cleaning service I hired from CleanersMaidaVale. I operate a busy office and needed the carpets cleaned. I was able to book a weekend appointment which meant they would be clean for Monday again. I was thrilled with the results and how flexible they were. The job was done well and at an affordable rate.    
Kimberly Murphy14/07/2015

       My house was increasingly becoming a mess, but with college and two kids, I had no time to take care of it. A friend recommended calling CleanersMaidaVale to help sort things out, and I am glad I did. Letting them take care of cleaning my home not only saved me a lot of time to spend with my family but I also saved a lot of money than if I were to hire any other cleaning company of good repute. Their cleaners do an excellent and thorough cleaning, even taking care of the crevices and corners. So give them a call today and book a slot immediately! They are definitely worth every bit of money you pay them.    
Samantha H.18/02/2015

       I was very unsure about hiring cleaners to come into my home, but I knew that a cleaning company would save me valuable hours that I could be spending at the office. I spoke to a colleague who told me to try CleanersMaidaVale, and I can now say that I don't know how I managed before them! The cleaners here do an amazing job and the tools they use are the absolute best. I trialled this company with a one-off clean but was so impressed I now use their services regularly!    
Adam H.29/01/2015

       Since buying my leather sofas I have struggled with keeping them clean. That's when a friend recommended I hire CleanersMaidaVale as they deal in upholstery cleaning. When I called up I was worried that I wouldn't be able to afford this otherwise luxurious service, but the prices were so reasonable that I booked in the professional cleaners immediately. They visited my home soon after and now my leather sofas look like new again!    
Sophie W.15/01/2015

       Upholstery Cleaning always took it out of me. It always requires special attention, time and energy, most of which I didn't have. To combat this I called up CleanersMaidaVale. I had heard of what they could do and sought to see if their reputation was accurate. I'm glad it was because I was treated to expert cleaning company. Their staff was friendly and cooperative, so I got the support I needed. Their team, a cleaned my sofas better than I ever could, so I rate them ten out of ten.    
Laura Baker18/12/2014

       There is no job I hate more than cleaning the oven and I was dreading having to do it as a tenant. I decided that rather than spend all Saturday morning scrubbing out the slime and grease, I could get a professional cleaning company to do it for me and that's when I instructed CleanersMaidaVale. They did the job for me in under an hour and the standard of cleaning was marvellous - the oven was immaculate and that included the shelves and the grill pan, which saved me hours of slaving away and getting frustrated!    

       The cleaners that's came round to my flat were so helpful I can't fault them. They even didn't complain about the three flights of stairs they had to climb up to get to my flat. The cleaning itself was truly immaculate and I mean immaculate. They seemed to have a schedule plan or something because it was all done very meticulously and there was an attention to detail which I found impressive. I was really pleased with the price as well because I made a few enquiries elsewhere and found that CleanersMaidaVale also has the best prices. Very recommended.    
Kayleigh J.13/08/2014

       I can't praise CleanersMaidaVale enough for the work they have done on my new home. I had just had a house built, and it was left with a lot of builders dust and rubble. So these expert commercial cleaners were able to deal with the mess. The work they did was fabulous and the entire place was left spotless. I had a new kitchen and bathroom to sort and it was really messy and the tiles and units and appliances needing a lot of attention. But it was all cleaned to a high standard, and for a reasonable cost. Now it is ready for me to move my possessions and furniture in.     
Mavis Haverland24/07/2014

       I work at an estate agency and we use CleanersMaidaVale for all of our cleaning work. We have over a number of years that they offer the most professional, hardworking, reliable and affordable cleaning services with flexible pricing structures and a great attitude. If any of our residents are looking for cleaners we always send them in the right direction because this company are quite simply the finest cleaning service around. They always arrive on time and look professional in company uniforms. Everything you want from a cleaning service and more!    
Dean Bell30/06/2014

       I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the help of CleanersMaidaVale. Their cleaner has not only managed to make my house clean but made me happier. I live alone and at my age, I can't get out much. When my daughter suggested a cleaner I thought it would at least mean I could feel comfortable in my home but it did so much more. The cleaner is so friendly that I have made a new friend and sometimes I'm talking to her and bringing her snacks that she won't get her work done. CleanersMaidaVale have done so much for me so I have to convey my gratitude to the fullest.    
Vivian Finch20/06/2014

       It's been such a long time since I've had to hire in a cleaning company that I was worried that I wouldn't know who to turn to. After talking to a number of different options, I decided to settle on CleanersMaidaVale and I am so glad that I did. They're now a big part of my life and I can't imagine that I'd ever get by without them. They make a huge difference to the cleaning of my home and they've left a lasting influence, so much so that I now pass on their details to the rest of my friends and family.    
Jason Henderson04/06/2014

       Cleaning companies are not exactly my biggest passion, but I do feel that the people I use deserve a recommendation, so here it is. CleanersMaidaVale are excellent. Both as a team of people, and in terms of their cleaning prowess, I have been consistently impressed by the jobs that they do for me. From clearing up after a crazy party, to dusting the place off every couple of weeks for general upkeep. They are a decent price, and have never had anything other than nice things to say to me, which is always a relief!    
Johnny Ross14/05/2014

       I get my house professionally cleaned every two weeks and this is a habit I've kept up for many years now. I've gone back and forth from big cleaning companies to little ones, from experienced ones to new starters and everything else in between. Finding the right company was really hard, and I was never fully satisfied with my cleaners until I hired CleanersMaidaVale. This is a company with excellent standards, and nothing was left with a smudge or stain for which I was very grateful! I've hired much more expensive cleaning companies in the past who haven't done half as good a job as this company - I couldn't be happier with the service!    
Alicia A.17/04/2014

       I have movie night on a monthly basis. I get together with my friends, have a movie marathon and just enjoy myself. I wanted to have my sofas cleaned before the next movie night, so called CleanersMaidaVale who were very eager to fit me in before movie night. They came and cleaned all the upholstery on my sofa and did it greatly too. The sofa looked great, felt soft and smelt fantastic. I was very pleased since all my friends commented on how soft my sofa was during the next movie night. Everyone looking for great upholstery cleaner needs to contact them right away!    
Lara Platt27/03/2014

       I really don't know how I managed to cope with my house cleaning before I hired CleanersMaidaVale. I hate to think of all those hours I've wasted over the years just cleaning, cleaning and cleaning! When I gave up this was the first company I called and I'm so glad that I did. My cleaner has to be one of the best in the area, and I'm still surprised at how great my house looks when she's left, even though I've been using the company for many months now! I have so much to thank this company for, and I firmly believe that everyone looking for a cleaner needs to call them!    

       Sometimes life seems to be getting a bit much. The kids are running round your feet and you do your best to maintain your home to the best of your ability while still going out to work. Sometimes you have to accept that you need help, and when I realised I did, I looked up CleanersMaidaVale and how glad I am that I did so. They are helpful at every turn, and my cleaner is accommodating of my little ways that I like things done to which I am eternally grateful! If you find yourself struggling, a cleaner will change your life.    
M. Hardaway28/11/2013

       I use a cleaner because I don't really have time to get the cleaning done whilst also looking after my children and working a full time job. The weekends are pretty sacred and I am happy to be able to go to the park with my boys and walk the dog than having to mop the house. CleanersMaidaVale make this all the more easier, in that they are such an excellent and hard working group of people. I have never had an issue with them, and find that they are always up to the task, no matter the context.    
Dave R.15/11/2013